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  • June 22, 2019
  • 14:39:01
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    How to Make Money Writing Books?

    How to Make Money Writing Books?

    Fiction or Non Fiction, you can write any book you want provided you can make the matter sell and it has the potential to be bought. Today the genres of books, types of them are numerous. Fiction and Non Fiction are two broad categories that have ever since been there.

    What about Fantasy or Sci-Fi or Self Improvement or How To books? Have you heard of the Dummies Series or management books? All have been written by people who are good with the written word. The pen has always been said to mightier than the sword, well that’s purely speaking is in context of warfare and tough times but it’s no doubt a fact that the pen can help earn as well.

    Whose success can you be jealous of when it comes to books, J K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer? Where was the fantasy genre before these two authors manage to make millions of sale and the press caught on to it? Though a small genre, the fans and news for this genre were hidden, now seems to be the opposite case.

    The point here is can you write? Are stay home moms looking for a stress free well paid job? Are you taking a break from work and can pen down your experience or expertise to help people in that field?

    You can choose by working on your own or taking up a writing job permanently with a company. Both is options are wise. Can you write novels? You have to be particular by creating value in the script. Mills & Boon or Harlequin pays writers to publish with them, if you write according to their guidelines and know what has been the history of the company. Romantic novels are one genre of fiction and particularly women oriented. Stay home moms or die hard romantics who think they have read enough Mills & Boon and can write one on their own, can definitely start on a story line right away.

    Write Script 

    One thing is writing a book, another role is reworking the script of a book. You may have titles to your acclaim but you can easily also work for movie companies as many a times working on a novel or book or even comics needs writers to reword the story to the script’s requirements. Twisting the story to make a movie a hit is also a creative role and demands good treatment.

    Use E-books

    E-books are quite the rage with internet and freelancing on the scene. Companies or Magazines hire writers to pen short books or E-books for the purpose of revenue. E-books is a great idea, but we recommend you watch out scams ideas like write an e-book on how to make money writing books.

    If you must write, right on stuff and have credits to your name that tomorrow you are proud of.

    A professional person, an artist or a good writer with imagination or experiences can make money writing books. Hence, you think you write well and can sell a potential paperback or novel, get started on it.


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