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  • June 22, 2019
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    How to Become an Animator in India?

    How to Become an Animator in India?

    According to a study conducted by studyplaces.com, the animation industry in India was expected to have sales of about 1.5 billion USD from 500 million USD in the year 2009. American entertainment companies are eager to outsource their animation work to India. Animators in India generally go to school/animation training centers to learn the skills, but someone with an impressive and independently developed portfolio can also find a job in animation field.

    Instruction and Specialization

    * Study in a good traditional institution or try learning yourself independently.If you consider a specialization will help and determine if a program is right for you. Some specialized jobs include animator-rigging artist, storyboard artist, special effects creator, clean-up artist, 2D or 3D modeler, scanner operator, interaction designer, compositor, previsualization artist and background, layout, texturing artist and game designer.

    * Investigate for potential institutes.Mr. Jasbir Bolar(INdian Animator) recommends selecting a school based on the compatibility of its programs with your career goals. The Escotoonz Institute is in New Delhi, Arena Animation has several training centers throughout India and the National Institute of Design is at Ahmedabad. The Chandigarh College Of Arts and the College of Art in New Delhi also have animation tracks.

    * Find out the requirements of your chosen school. Escotoonz accepts students only after they have finished their higher secondary examination. Other schools too require a selection test for acceptance. The National Entrance Exam for Design Studies is a common test, where the minimal score for admittance is 10+2. Additional hands-on demonstration test in a specific area might also be required.

    * Sign up for classes or tutorials or collect books on specialized skills and basic animation concepts. You might take classes in key animation, layout posing, background design and digital compositing .

    * Familiarize yourself with the various computer programs which are used in modern animation field. When it comes time to seek employment, diverse knowledge of these programs will help.

    * Find a mentor to show your work to, ask him/her for advice on technique and working in the India animation scene.

    * Develop related skills involved in animation, such as drawing human anatomy, rotoscoping, stop-motion photography, editing and screenplay writing.

    * If you feel that further education is necessary to get the job you want. India has several postgraduate animation programs. Most graduate schools require students to pass the 12th standard as certified by a recognized board before starting graduate school.

    * Collect your strongest work to show your employers. Animation skills are usually shown through a portfolio with soryboards and character sketches or an animated showreel video with completed animation sequences.

    * Select employers to apply to, such as animation studios and visual communication firms. As of 2010, India firms that employed the most animators were Heart Animations, Maya Entertainment, Crest Communications, Toonz Animation and Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA).

    * Explore employment options. If you have a degree or have taken courses through an institution, the institute might be having tie-ups with companies hiring animators.


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