How To Remove Puk Code From The Mobile Phone


Puk code are some code words which is just like password for phone and it is not an alphanumeric and all, it is just a numeric. If the person attempts remove the old sim and put a new sim inside the phone, then if he attempts to put back the old sim, them it asks for a Puk code to be entered so as to confirm that you are the owner of the sim.

Steps to remove the Puk code:
1)    It occurs to ask the Puk code due to frequent removal of sim from phone and when the wrong sim code is entered.
2)    It first asks code which is either 0000 or 1111, when this is correctly entered then there will be no need for Puk code.
3)    Now the first and foremost thing to know is PUK code is only for SIM card not for cell phone
4)    The second thing is that puk code if typed wrongly more than 8 times sim card will be locked and it’s useless then.
5)    So now it’s every simple just make a call to the respective customer care number and get a link to the operator assistance and ask him to remove the puk code of your sim card
6)    He will ask u the 16 digit code of your sim card which will be in back of your sim card.
7)    Tell it correctly to the operator then type it on the puk code screen then it asks u to type the pin code and new pin code too type on your wish but type it twice correctly.
8)    Then puk code will be released normally the puk code will be on 4 digit only.
9)    Don’t get panic with puk code it’s not associated with sim in any kind it will not affect cell.


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