How to grow few vegetable crops at home


Rather than buying all vegetables in the shop, people can cultivate them easily in the homes. By doing this necessary vegetables will be available with us when ever needed and it cultivates the habit of gardening in them. In olden days people feed themselves by hunting, fishing and so on. And so they lived healthier.


If cultivation is been implemented in home level, proper care will be taken in growing crops and not much fertilizers will be in need to be used and the outcome crop will be more healthier than that we buy in shops. It is too difficult to discuss brief on growing crops at home but it basic infrastructure for those who wish to grow.


Crops that can be cultivated and steps in cultivating them:

1)   Not every crop grows in every soil. So plan the crop that the person willing to grow and plan them according to the soil, space available and climate (rainfall, sunny) that prevails in that area.

2)   Grow some legumes, potatoes, beet, cabbage, corn, melon and cucumber as they are very rich in protein, minerals, vitamin and carbohydrate. Fruits crops can also be considered.

3)   Select the crop which is free from lot of disease and which needs less of attention.

4)   Have a general and basic idea of growing the crop before planting it. Buy the seeds or plant the small crop into the soil to initiate growing.

5)   Maintain moist condition in soil for spinach and humidity for beets and carrot. Cold climate for stiff neck varieties and warm climate for soft neck varieties.

6)   Regular watering of plant is required. Any pattern can be done while seedling the beans plant in the soil.

7)   Beans will have lot of them in just one single stalk so not much space required. The growth will be very faster. Hence enjoy growing and eating them.


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