How to celebrate birthday


Birthday is celebrated every year at the date that we came into existence to the eventual world. Not everybody celebrates their birthday at the date, according to Hinduism culture some celebrate their birthday according to Tamil calendar (Star birthday).


Even some don’t care much on their birthday. They treat their birthday as yet another day in the year. Some are very excited and waits for that day. Celebration of birthday depends on the age and interest on the person.

Steps and ideas in celebrating the birthday:

1)   Everybody should have a good start on your birthday. So move out to temple to pray god or if the person is in lack of time then at least get the blessing of the elders.

2)   Distribute some sort of sweets among your friends and relatives. Wear a pleasing and comfortable new dress of your choice.

3)   You can plan out for dinner, party and cut cakes with your close ones. The place can be out the person choice.

4)    If the birthday is for your wife, father, mother or your siblings then you can plan to wake them up at 12.00 at night with glowing candles in the cake and make them surprise.

5)   You can preplan the birthday of your dear ones by hanging cute balloons in their room and present them with the gifts they like or they need.

6)   If the birthday is for your best friend they rush to the person home (residence) with the gifts, cake, and other dear friends to surprise him and express your love.

7)   If the birthday is for a child of age more than 2 then dress the baby with fairy dress and buy some toys and take out to parks. If the child is less than age 2 then don’t plan anywhere out to make it strain, give your blessing which is more than enough and that is the real gift for the baby.


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