How to maintain cleanliness at home


An English proverb goes on to say “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. It is true on the real world context. Cleanliness in environment will give a peace of mind. It will also improve the lifestyle of the person. Overall performance also will improve.

However, we have entered into an age where all people of the family go to work and there are only servants to take care of the home. All the elders of the family will move out from the home in the morning and will return back only in the late evening.

When they return home they have no time to spend for their family and also for the maintenance of ht home. Despite of the busy schedule which makes all lives hectic, people must try out to work with some experiments to maintain their home in a good condition.

Here are some ways to be followed for maintenance of a clean home. Try to wake up an half an hour early every day, spend that time to arrange the misplaced things on your table. Place a dust bin at exit of every room.

Maintain a separate shelf to arrange all the necessary books and papers in order. This will prevent you from making a tedious search when needed. Bring in a good responsibility of maintaining each one’s room.

Bring in that responsibility in your children also. Remove the dust every week so that dirt is removed. When we make cleaning a routine and also a pass time activity then that work will become easy and also interesting to perform.

In few places we will find dust always flying around when we touch anything. It might lead to cause dust allergies and other respiration related problems. So always remember that cleanliness is a good habit. Maintain a clean home and live happily


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