How to Change Your Name Legally in India


Whether you wish to take on a new name for some other reason’s or you want to change your last name after marriage , the procedure for legal name change in India is somewhat time consuming but it is straightforward. It may even take up to 6 months and may involve a few trips to local offices to get all your needed documents in order and to get attested along with some fees associated with every step’s in the process.


* File an application Requesting to change the name in the First Class Magistrate’s office which has jurisdiction in your area of residence. They will also attest your affadavit. You could also get your affidavit attested by a oath commissioner or notary. If you are an NRI, then the affidavit needs to be attested by the respective Indian High Commission or Indian Embassy.

* Type out the details as specified in the reference document 2 on a blank paper, with details including your old name, the new name you wish to adopt, your father’s or husband’s name and address, and your employer’s name. You have to sign this Proforma in the presence of two witnesses and have them sign the document as well.

* Then advertise in any one of the daily local newspapers, mentioning your father’s or husband’s name and address, and your intention to change your name. Be sure to get an original copy of this advertisement as it appears in the paper.

* Send by registered post or you may either take in person the following :
The original advertisement, original Proforma, attested affidavit, and two attested passport photographs. Pay the fee for having your change of name published in the Gazette of India Part IV. The amount (in the range of Rs. 700 as of 2009) will need to be submitted in advance, in cash or by Demand Draft/Indian Postal Order drawn in favor of Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54. All of the above mentioned documents will have to be sent to the same address.

* You have to obtain the copies of official gazette where your change of name has been published and use it as proof of your name change wherever needed. A couple of extra copies can be obtained for an extra fee of around Rs. 35 per copy. For NRI’s, the cost of advertising change of name in the Gazette of India is Rs. 2300/- which includes international postage.


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