How to Become an Actress in India


Becoming an Indian actress is little bit equal to becoming an actress in the United States. There are few differences, however, those who are interested in pursing the acting career are well advised to educate themselves in what it takes.


* First consider why do you want to be an actress in India. Are you of Indian descent? Are you a fan of Bollywood movies? Do you think it’s easier to break into Bollywood than into Hollywood?,then think about your skills. Being an good actress is necessary. But you must also dance and you should be able to conform to the particular style of the Bollywood movie.

* Take some acting and dancing classes. Learn to dance in Hindi style and make sure to focus on your facial expressions while dancing. Most of the Bollywood movies focus on the dance and the ability of the actress to tell a story through dance.

* Do you know anyone in the entertainment industry in India? Establishing contacts in Indian entertainment industry which can be a fairly parochial community is essential. Consider trying to make some contacts if you dont have any contacts in the Indian entertainment industry. You can also consider the option of writing to your favorite actresses in India about asking them on how they broke into the business.

* Some Bollywood movies are also cast in the U.K., so you should either live in India or in U.K. You can’t do it from the United States. If you want to be considered as a serious contender for any role, you should be there, available, and well versed in the particular style of acting the casting director’s want.

* Get an Indian agent. You need an agent who has contacts in the industry and who knows the specific casting preferences for Indian movies.


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