How to make New Year greeting cards


Greeting cards are folded cards, which illustrate an expression of the relationship like friendship, love and other sentiment. Greeting cards are generally given on birthdays, Christmas, New Year and so on. Rather than buying it and giving, if they are made by the person himself then it can add a special feature to the card.

Things required for making a New Year greeting card:

Color papers (different colors, at least three), scissor, fevi stick, glue, glitters (three colors), pencil, rubber, envelope cover, scale, cello tape, black and color pen.

Steps involved in making a New Year greeting card:

1) Prepare the ideas of the look of your greeting card and then start designing it. Usually have a black paper as your base as it can show the other colors perfectly great.

2) Take the black paper and cut the bottom side as a design such that the person can write happy New Year there.

3) Usually it is cut as a strip that is, leave 10cm gap in both the corners, cut 2cm paper leave 4cm gap then cut 2cm paper, repeat till you make the space for writing the year.

4) Use green paper, draw any natural picture (like tree, grass), cut them properly, and place them aside.

5) Take any other attractive color and draw any flower, fruit, and bird picture, cut them using scissor and keep it.

6) While writing the Year use any glitters so that it can shine better. For drawing, use pencil.

7) Take the base paper and arrange the cut pictures as you like so that it can look pleasing.

8) Paste the pictures tightly using glue or fevi stick and leave them aside for a moment. Now fold them properly and place them inside the envelope cover properly. Write the person name in color pen on the envelope and add some glitters.


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