How to celebrate a safe Diwali (Deepavali) in India


Deepavali popularly known as diwali is celebrated in the last two days of Karthik maasam (October-November). The word deepavali literally means “row of lights.” In India, deepavali is celebrated with the crackers. People wear new dresses and celebrate diwali.

This deepavali has the special event in its history. It generally means two main occasions, which gave its name. It primarily means that the lord Murugan fight against an evil man Narakaasura. Death of Narakaasura was initially celebrated with the colors of the light known as diwali. The next incident in history is the return of Rama from the forest after 14 years. The people of Ayothi celebrated the return of Rama as a king with the hundreds of lamp with lights known as deepavali.

Whatever may be the cause for this festive but everybody allover India and all Indian people celebrate this deepavali festival in the region where they reside. People wear new dress move to temple and other outer place and celebrate deepavali. They cook many varieties of sweets and snacks and distribute among their family members, neighbors and others with love and affection.

Newly married couples celebrate this diwali in the bride home. This diwali is generally known as “Thala diwali” for that couple. Every newly married couple celebrates their forecoming diwali very grandly.

Special crackers and new varieties are introduced in the field of crackers every year. 10000, 5000, 1000, 500 and other crackers are the soundful items in crackers. Avoid children near these crackers. Some flower pot, chakras, crackles are loveable items of children. Instruction to handle them will be clearly stated in the manual of the crackling box. Read them very carefully as it may be helpful to safe guard ourselves.

Diwali is a colorful festival. Irrespective to the god or the reason it may concern, all people love to celebrate it with joy, love, and happiness. So, have safe diwali with crackers and happy diwali with sweets.


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