How to become fair in three days using natural care


Fairness is skin is considered to be essential factor among both boys and girls. Especially among the young women, this sort of being fair is a common question. Thus, the fairness can be easily obtained in three days using the natural things free from chemicals. If the person has a dark skin (black) from the birth then it is little difficult to be fair but daily practice of the instruction will make them fair in some day.

Homemade remedy for fairness:

1)   Use the talcum powder daily in parts exposed to sun, and then use multani mitti (fuller’s earth) four times in 14 days. While using multani mitti, add rose water if your skin is oily, add little curd if the skin is dry, and add water for normal skin.

2)   Take 2spoon of tomato juice and 1spoon of honey, mix them well, apply it in the face, and wash it after 30 min. Also, with honey add mashed banana and apply to the face, and wash it after 20 min. It will make the face glow.

3)   Besan mixed with curd, turmeric, lemon juice, honey, and almond oil apply well in the body and let it until it dry and take the shower. Avoid the soap while taking this shower.

4)   Mix curd, tomato juice, and oatmeal and apply well on the face. Grind the finely soaked almond and with milk and apply in face. Both the process will make the skin to improve its skin tone.

Things not to be followed:

Do not use any chemicals or fairness cream in the skin regularly. It will make our skin as addict. That may also lead to several other facial skin diseases in worst cases. Avoid the skin exposing in sun.

Things that add the fairness:

While washing face, women can use the turmeric with milk and men can use milk on the face. Intake of more amount of water is must. Pure heart and good smile will always help in increase the person’s fairness.


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