How can kids make money fast


Kids are often considered expensive, demanding and costly. It is not always possible to cope up with their expenditure. They have their own personal expenses plus other expenses relating to their school like their school fee, books, uniform and to top it all their usual pocket money. For a parent this burden alone does at times become impossible.

To get this pressure out of a parent there are different easy ways by which a kid can make money fast and help share the burden of the family. I have a few ways in mind by which kids can go about this depending upon their skills and capability.

To begin with, certain kids are extremely creative. They could take up hobbies like art and craft, Gardening, Selling, surfing the net, which in turn could make them earn some money. A kid learning art and craft could start decorating small objects or for that, matter start making some small jewelry pieces, which they could sell to make fast money. Similarly, they can organize a small stall and sell stuff that people love to eat or drink like cakes, biscuits and in the summer months what better than a soft drink stand. Kids who are internet savvy could also start with online surveys of different products and commodities. It is always easier to pick things up faster as a kid.

Some other options include gardening, and certain household chores. Gardening could offer them to pick up an additional skill, and they could start with watering plants and flowers and move on to a little, cutting, weeding and trimming the grass. Household chores not only help you maintain cleanliness but also make you more hygienic and responsible towards your home and community.

Other possible options coming to my mind are baby-sitting, helping parents, elders and animal care. Parents always look out for good and reliable baby sitters and who better than kids.  Those fond of small children would be able to perform this job really well and the joy involved in seeing a baby grow in front of you is wonderful. Like kids, even grand parents need some attention and support. Helping and assisting them is another perfect example of earning fast money. Some kids are extremely fond of animals, not only would this add to their knowledge but again make them earn some pocket money as well.

All of the above said keep kids occupied, alert, increase their energy and confidence level and help them in becoming dutiful and responsible citizens in future. Most important they realize the importance of money and income, which most kids are not aware of.

To avoid the saying “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop” it is always better to involve your mind in hobbies that could increase your skill set and make you an additional income. Keeping aside the income part it also adds to your longevity and learning process.

So, mentioned above are all factors which will help kids in making lot of money.


I am a literature graduate and writing is my passion. I have been associated with writing in some way or the other for past 5 years. I was working with various organizations before taking up freelance writing about two years ago.