How to Check your Credit rating in India


All our financial transactions have an effect on our credit rating. It is important that we check our credit rating at regular intervals to ensure that it is correct. Good credit rating makes it easy for us to get credits in India. There is only one agency in India, Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited or CIBIL that provides the service and it if not free as of now.

Follow below mentioned steps to know your personal credit rating.

  1. Apply for credit rating information in writing. At present, there is no online provision to perform this check. The application form for CIBIL is available on the official website. Download it and fill complete details.
  2. Provide original proof of identification such as PAN number issued by Income Tax Department or passport. Copies of these documents are not considered to provide credit information.
  3. Provide original documents that prove your place of residence. This may include your electricity bill, bank documents, or telephone bills.
  4. Purchase a demand draft of Rs. 142/- to be paid as a fee to CIBIL. The demand draft must be payable at Mumbai. This fee is not refundable.
  5. Put all documents carefully in an envelope and mail it to CIBIL, PO Box 17, Millennium Business Park, navi Mumbai, 400710. You will get your personal credit report after necessary verification.


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